“Aidventure” is a jump and run mobilegame, created by students of the Mediadesign Hoschule Düsseldorf in 2016. It was created for Gaming Aid e.V. and nominated for Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2016 Sonderpreis für soziales Engagement.
More information about GaminAid can be found here:

The pictures show some gameassets, as well as the two characters I created. The concepts for both characters were not done by me. The concept for the blue monster was given to us by aidventure.
The last picture shows some of the assets I created for the game. The textures were all created in photoshop and then used on slightly bend 3D planes.

  • Role concept artist, 2D and 3D artist
  • For Gaming Aid e.V.
  • Date 2016